How do I add a product to my wishlist?

I Want This will add buttons to the site that you are browsing labeled, "I WANT THIS". These buttons will add the product that you are looking at to your last- selected wishlist and post on your wall if selected.

How can I view my wishlist?

I Want This will also add a blue tab on the right side of your screen, labeled "WISHLISTS". This tab will allow you to view or edit your wish lists, add or remove items, as well as share them with your friends.

How do I remove or change the quantity of an item on my wishlist?

From the View Wishlist tab in the WISHLISTS slide out panel, you will see options for each item in your wishlist under that item. The links "Add More" and "Remove" allow you to adjust the quantity of items that you want.

How do other people see my wishlist?

Friends can see your wishlist by clicking on Facebook Wall Posts that you have made while using the product, or by accessing your public Wishlist URL. This can be found under the "View Wishlist" tab.

How do I change Wishlists?

When adding a new item, you can add it to a different list by using the drop down menu. If you would like to create a new Wishlist, you may do so by clicking the "View Wishlist" tab and entering a new name next to "New Wishlist".

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